Since 1923, Maurice has grown from a push-cart vendor selling musical instruments, to a retail store on Maxwell Street in Chicago selling sporting goods, to one of the largest sporting goods distributors in the world.

Over the years Maurice has been a part of nearly every aspect of the sporting goods industry, including retailer, team dealer, manufacturer and wholesaler. As a wholesaler, we now serve tens of thousands of stores with a global reach extending to Canada, South America and Europe.

Maurice Sporting Goods has become today's leader in the outdoor sporting goods retail industry by providing effective merchandising and retail support through state-of-the-art technology, efficient distribution and exceptional customer service.

Corporate Overview

  • International sporting goods distributor
  • One of the largest sporting goods distributors in North America
  • Product categories include: fishing, hunting, camping, marine, athletics, fitness, hiking, officially licensed sports items, ball sports, bike accessories and outdoor gifts
  • 7 offices and 2 distribution facilities supporting over 600,000 square feet of warehouse space
  • Employ over 250 people, including 50+ field representatives
  • Over 1,000 vendor partnerships
  • Customers include most major retailers in the outdoor sporting goods categories, including a significant number of “non-outdoor” retailers
  • Service over 15,000 store fronts
  • Offer full service category management – assortment planning, plan-o-gramming, replenishment (system or in-store), marketing, promotional planning, product development and sourcing and distribution services




Maurice Sporting Goods evolved from a retailer on Maxwell Street to a multiple store operation throughout the 1930’s, 40’s and 50’s. Out of those stores, in the mid to late 50’s, Maurice began to do some wholesaling, primarily selling general sporting goods to schools in Chicago.

The business grew and prospered further after Mr. Olshansky’s sons Harold and Melvin, and son-in-law Frank Katlin joined the company in the 50’s and 60’s.  The second generation began to focus more on outdoors-related wholesaling, and when Sears Roebuck Company approached them about sourcing and supplying products, the business really started to take off. Other discounters, mass merchant and multiple-store accounts soon followed including a lasting relationship with Sam Walton of Walmart. Ultimately, the success of the company has always been defined by understanding what the consumer wants and then by being the lowest cost, highest value provider to our retail customers.

We expanded in 1973 to Atlanta, followed by Dallas in 1976, Harrisburg in 1988, Reno in 1991, and Toronto in 1994. We were the first distributor in the country to computerize and the first to make extensive use of plan-o-grams, to pre-ticket, and to provide regional satellite warehouses.

Maurice's Sporting Goods on Chicago's Maxwell St. - circa 1925
Maurice Sporting Goods on Chicago's Maxwell St. - circa 1925


Harold Olshansky, Frank Katlin, Melvin Olshansky
Harold Olshansky, Frank Katlin & Melvin Olshansky receiving an award - circa 1970



Maurice Sporting Goods today is an established distributor of fishing tackle, shooting sports accessories, and other outdoor sporting and athletic goods to the strongest mass merchandisers in the retail industry. We are one of the largest distributors and manufacturers  in North America, offering our customers true nationwide service through our network of three warehouses across the U.S.

While Maurice has been focused on the mass merchant, multiple store operators and large sporting goods stores, we enjoy good relationships with a great many independent dealers as well.  Our b2b webstore focuses solely on these independent dealers, providing over 50,000 aggressively priced wholesale products. We also supply sporting goods products to some of the largest online retailers like,,, and

More than just a distributor, Maurice Sporting Goods is a full service merchandiser. Our people are well trained and motivated. We provide a package of services to our customers which include assortment planning by local market, ad item selection and pricing, effective quick turn replenishment of programmed product, plan-o-gram set-up and implementation, analysis of sales and margin production, open to buy and inventory level control, defective product handling, and much, much more. We also design tailored programs for special use customers such as mail order and incentive programs.

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Following the recent acquisition of a majority stake in the company by investment firm Middleton Partners, Maurice Sporting Goods LLC is now primed to reclaim its position as the dominant sporting goods distributor in the nation. The new financial strength provided by Middleton Partners will allow Maurice to not only continue to be a family operated business, but also to invest its resources into expanding and growing its business for the future.

We’ve made a commitment to excellence and that starts with our core capabilities. Our multi-location distribution system includes the reopening of our Chicago (Northbrook) headquarters warehouse. This core commitment also encompasses over $1,000,000 in inventory, logistic and technological advancements. Our office location near Shanghai, China, continues to support Maurice Sporting Goods’ efforts to grow our manufacturing capabilities to meet the needs of our customers and vendors.

We will continue to invest in our relationships with our retail partners and our vendor partners. As we find ourselves at the center of these two very key networks, having strong relationships is our biggest advantage.  The more we understand their needs and the more they understand our capabilities, the more win-win situations we create as we go to market together.

While there is always challenge in change, the new Maurice Sporting Goods LLC is excited to have the opportunity to partner with Middleton Partners and is proud to have such dedicated and professional teams at every level. This includes our highly talented associates, our outstanding customers and our loyal vendors, without whom we would have no business.

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Maurice Sporting Goods warehouse

Maurice Sporting Goods China Office

The challenge in change