Distribution Services

Flexible DistributionServicesWe lead the industry in supplying sporting goods to retailers around the world. From the largest mass merchants to local supply stores, we get the right products to the right place at the right time.

Maurice Sporting Goods provides flexible order fulfillment from our 2 regional warehouse locations across the U.S. These warehouses represent over 400,000 sq. ft. of storage, warehousing over 50,000 SKUs, and over 60% of items duplicated in one or more warehouses. With nearly 200 FTE personnel we are able to provide quick turnaround time and rapid delivery for P.O.’s and B2B webstore orders.

Maurice warehouse locations including Northbrook, IL, Atlanta, GA, Reno, NV, Seattle, WA, Burnaby, BC, Toronto Mississauga, ON


• Weekly/Bi-weekly Orders: Frequent order cycles reduce in-store inventory which improves turn and profitability while maintaining high in-stock levels.

• Break-pack Shipping: Reduces manufacturers’ case pack quantities to reflect retail movement, thus improving inventory profitability.

• Pre-ticketing: We can pre-ticket all merchandise shipped into your stores. The items can be ticketed with retail only, or a SKU# / retail price combination.

• Returns Processing

• 48 Hour Delivery: Limited shipping time improves in-stock availability while reducing in-store inventory.

• Display Assembly: Pre assembled displays reduce in-store labor dollars and allow for immediate display on the sales floor.

• End Caps & Displays: Coordinated end cap, isle violator and promotional displays provide consistency and product/brand integrity.

warehouse technician checking computer orders and providing customer serviceORDER DELIVERY OPTIONS

• Ship to DC

• Ship store ready orders through the DC (DSDC)

• Direct Store Shipment: Reduces time between order generation and the sales floor, enhancing in-stock inventory.

• Drop-ship opportunities

warehouse technicians checking computer orders and inventoryQUALITY CONTROL, ORDER PROCESSING & ORDER ACCURACY

• UCC-128 License Plating: Utilizing Advance Shipper Notice (ASN) technology allows the retailer to scan an external label to identify a carton’s contents. This reduces labor dollars and expedites the product to the sales floor.

• Scanned Receipts & Shipments: All product receipts and shipments are scanned to minimize mis-picks and ensure UPC/SKU integrity and accuracy.

• EDI Automated Order Receiving & Invoicing: Minimizes shipping time and reduces associated costs for the retailer.

package with barcode for order accuracy and efficiencyWAREHOUSING & DISTRIBUTION TECHNOLOGY

• System driven off UPC

• Completely computerized warehouse disciplines

• Real time operation

• System software support

• Reporting capabilities