In-store Services

In-store ServicesOur field reps and territory managers provide unparalleled retail support in assortment merchandising and planning, promotions, inventory management, and employee education.

Sales and service is the reason many of the leading sporting goods retailers partner with Maurice Sporting Goods to grow their business. Our territory managers are highly trained, knowledgeable and motivated to offer the highest level of service to our most valuable asset–our customers. The level of service they provide, their interactions with our customers and their on-the-job efficiency is key to the success of our overall field service operations.

Maurice Territory Manager standing next to a national account in-store displayREGIONAL MARKET KNOWLEDGE
Each Maurice field representative has an in-depth understanding of market conditions, brands, species and techniques that are key to proper account management within his/her territory. This information is an essential and powerful component in the merchandising strategy of all of our serviced accounts.

Effective merchandising is a key component of sales performance. Our territory managers provide merchandising assistance throughout the year and implement the yearly Plan-o-gram revisions and resets, which reduces retail labor dollars and ensures optimum product flow.

Birds Eye View of Sporting Goods Department DiplayPRODUCT SELECTION & DISPLAY
Maurice representatives assist the stores in promotional planning as well as implementation. With their finger on the pulse of each sporting season, our territory managers are able to quickly react to the latest sales trends and optimize in-store opportunities. We also provide coordination with industry supported promotional plans which are key to maximizing retail promotional space.

Managing inventory to the rate of sale maximizes productivity and profitability without jeopardizing in-stock inventory.

Maurice Territory Manager collecting inventory informationPROMOTIONAL PLANNING & MARKETING
Historical sales analysis and coordination with the manufacturing community is key to developing promotional plans that combine manufacturer advertising with regional sales trends. In addition, Maurice field representatives plan and implement in-store events and cross-promotions and fulfill marketing department developed brand awareness campaigns that create excitement while positively impacting sales.

Motorola MC75A 3.5G Worldwide Enterprise Digital AssistantMaurice field representatives utilize the MC75A, Motorola’s premier 3.5G Worldwide Enterprise Digital Assistant (EDA) handheld unit to enhance daily communications, increase efficiency, improve productivity and provide timely transmissions. With the MC75A our field reps can check inventory, place orders, access past service history and scan bar codes on shipments remotely. Utilizing this state-of-the-art mobile computing technology gives our field reps the ability to access real-time information/applications and automate data capture which is critical to maximizing the value of every customer visit.

Maurice representatives work closely with retail associates to provide product and market information that ultimately enhance merchandising decisions, in-store customer service and sales.